What to Consider at a 10 month old with ear infection

Ear infections, otherwise known as otitis in the health care field, are some of the most common ailments that toddlers, as well as babies, could experience in their childhood years.

There are several factors to consider as to why this specific age group is susceptible to these illness, but the most probable reason for this might be related to their body.

Let’s remember that infancy and toddlerhood, or youth in general, is a period of rapid expansion. As such, there are a few systems of the body which have not yet reached their adult state by this time. So to speak, the Eustachian tubes, that function to maintain the air pressure inside the middle ear in near normal environmental atmosphere pressure and to drain surplus or gathered fluids and secretions from the middle ear area, at this moment, are at a smaller size and in a more level plane as compared to that of adults. As such, when these tubes become blocked or bloated due to an illness or mucus from a respiratory condition, the accumulated fluid can’t be sinus surgery easily emptied. Also, the immune system at this time is still growing, making it all the more a lot tougher for kids to fight off infections at this specific point in their life.

Now that we have known some of the possible explanations for why children get ear infections, let’s go to some of the symptoms and signs of this illness, particularly in a 10 month old with ear infection.

These include, but are not Limited to:
• Child always tugging or pulling on the ears (though you have to verify this first, as some kids just want to pull or yank their ears when they are tired )
• Crying and constantly fussy
• Having difficulty with sleep
• Fever (particularly for younger children and infants)
• Fluid coming out or draining from the ear
• Clumsiness or balance Issues
• Hearing problems, or having difficulty reacting to soft sounds
When you observe these on your little one, never hesitate to seek expert assistance to get early treatment for their problem.