Do you want to work in your dream company

4 Types of Cover Letter and How to write them

Part of being a responsible adult is to land a stable job. It so exciting to imagine your first job, first pay and first company while you’re sitting in your chair inside of the four corners of your boring classroom. You want to get out of school, graduate and find a job as soon as possible.

But in reality, it’s hard. The competition is tough and it’s not easy to land on your dream job because you are not the only one who is dreaming of it. You need to build your own name and portfolio to stand out among the rest of the applicants and a good cover letter and resume is a great way to start. This article will discuss what the basic types of a cover letter are and how to nail them.

Types of Cover Letter

  • Cold Calling Cover Letter

Do you want to work in your dream company but not sure if they’re hiring? Well, this type of cover letter is for you. Cold calling cover letters are written for potential employers with no job posting. You need to think smart and write in your cover letter why they should hire you, even if they are not hiring in the first place. It’s risky, yes. But it’s worth the try.

  • No Resume Cover Letter

Normally cover letter is paired with resume, but if you can nail your cover letter then there is no need to look at your resume. You may check cover letter examples in the web. Yes, you can write a cover letter with no resume on it but just make sure it really gives emphasis on your skills.

  • No Work Experience Cover Letter

For fresh graduates this type of cover letter is important. Don’t be afraid if you don’t have any work experience because there are still companies out there who gives importance to a person’s passion to learn.

  • With Work Experience Cover Letter

If you have a work experience, don’t overwrite it on your cover letter. Cover letters are intended to be short, interesting and a glimpse of your resume.