Why Join Southwest Virtual?


A Different Kind of Team

At Southwest Virtual, we value the connection between all of our pilots. Since Southwest Airlines does not have a hub system, neither do we. All our pilots are put on one roster with equal opportunity to become involved. Also, we value quality over quantity. Our registration proccess is highly selective; we accept only the most dedicated and professional pilots. In the end, we believe 20 pilots excited to be a part of the community is more valuable than a 200-pilot roster full of inactivity.


State-of-the-Art Flight Logging

Pilots at Southwest Virtual can log their flights in two ways. The first option is automatic VATSIM logging. If the option is enabled, every valid Southwest Airlines flight that is flown on the VATSIM network is automatically logged and saved — no booking required! The second tracking method is with our very own, custom designed ACARS system. Running independently on the pilot’s computer, the program accurately tracks all aspects of the flight, including extremely detailed information regarding takeoffs and landings.


Live & Dynamic Flight Schedules

Using special technology, our timetables are always kept up-to-date. They include every single nonstop flight that Southwest Airlines flies (3400+ per day!). Every flight is accurately kept with updated flight numbers, departure/arrival times, and even preferred routes! In addition to nonstop flights, our booking system includes a powerful engine not seen at any other virtual airline. It automatically plans realistic trips between two airports that include connections and layovers.


Many, many more member-only features…


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